• Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume


    Are you obsessed with the show Stranger Things as much as we are? I love all the spot-on 80s references (and let’s not forget about Winona!), but it’s too freaky to watch alone. Easy to put together + slightly disturbing= perfect Halloween costume! Here are some details on throwing this one together, and find more of our costumes right here


    Supplies: Vintage pink dress, light jacket, athletic socks (we cut off the bottoms to make them shorter, tennis shoes, eggo waffles, face paint for the bloody nose.

    A couple outtakes:


    A mini tantrum when we told her to stop eating the waffles…


    Maybe if she stopped picking her nose it wouldn’t bleed so much. Hee hee.


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    4. Paige Flamm said… September 25, 2016 9:26 am

      Cute idea! Love this!


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