• DIY Halloween Costume: Pig Ears, Nose, and Tail

    DIY pig costume

    For our three little pigs costume, we made pig ears, noses, and tails that are no-sew and take only a few minutes to make. Here’s how to do it…

    First up the tail: 

    DIY pig costume

    Supplies: Pink elastic, pink felt, pink pipe cleaner, fabri-tac or hot glue, scissors

    Step 1: Cut a piece of felt a bit longer than the pipe cleaner and that’s wide enough that it can fold over it.

    Step 2: Place the pipe cleaner inside, wrap and glue the felt around it.


    Step 3: Glue the tail to a piece of elastic that will fit around your little pig’s waist

    Step 4: Twist the tail in a curly pig shape

    DIY pig costume

    For the nose:

    DIY pig costume

    Supplies: coffee cup, pink felt, white felt, fabri-tac or glue gun, scissors, thin elastic, hole punch

    Step 1: Cut the bottom of a coffee cup and wrap with a long piece of pink felt.

    DIY pig costume

    Step 2: Glue a circular piece of pink felt on top with 2 white pieces for the nostrils.

    Step 3: Make 2 hole punches on each side and tie elastic around your little pig’s head

    DIY pig costume

    For the ears: 

    DIY pig costume

    Supplies: White headband, pink felt, fabri-tac or glue gun, scissors

    Step 1: Cut two large ear shapes.

    DIY pig costume

    Step 2: Pinch and wrap around the headband. Secure with glue.

    DIY pig costume

    Pig halloween costume

    Photography and creative direction by Liz Stanley. Crafting by Sara Albers of Alice and Lois

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    1. Paige Flamm said… September 29, 2016 11:51 am

      That nose is too cute!


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