• We’re a Perfect Match Valentines

    matchbox valentine

    Those mini matchbox favors from Christmas have been laying around (I’m really bad at cleaning up old craft projects!) and I thought we could use them to make something fun for Valentine’s day. These we’re a perfect match boxes are filled with something sweet inside that won’t actually strike a fire. See how we made them after the jump…


    matchbox valentines

    1. Start with a box of Strawberry Pocky sticks (one of my favorite treats!!) and cut them off so they show a touch of the pink top. Can’t find Pocky sticks around? Try pretzel sticks dipped in red tinted white chocolate

    matchbox valentines

    2. Take mini matchboxes and wrap printer paper around them, secured with tape on the other side.

    matchbox valentines

    3. Stamp with a mini stamp set (like this one) and decorate if you’d like

    matchbox valentines

    4. Fill with your mini ‘matches’ and give to your sweet Valentine, or make a whole bunch for your kid’s classroom!


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    3. Trina and Tina said… January 30, 2016 6:12 am

      So creative and inspiring! We love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    4. trina and Tina said… January 29, 2016 5:55 pm

      Such a clever idea!

    5. Paige said… January 27, 2016 6:04 pm

      This is such a fun and cute idea!


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