A Pumpkin Patch Adventure



Last week we ventured outside the city to visit a pumpkin patch up in Petaluma. Everything felt so perfectly fall, it was such a fun morning. We milked cows, took a hayride, dug for potatoes, picked out pumpkins, wandered through a corn maze, ate fresh ice cream, climbed hay stacks, and jumped in corn pits. Pretty much crossed off every fall activity on our list! Here are some photos if you’d like to see, my favorite was the giant corn pit!

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We dressed in layers because the weather looked to be all over the place. Edie was in this comfy L.L.Bean sweater (such a classic!), I was wearing a L.L.Bean PrimaLoft Packaway jacket and their cozy Scotch Plaid flannel, Jared wore the PrimaLoft Packaway vest. Henry had this warm jacket but it ended up being too hot for him once we got out of the car.


Henry had been here before on a school field trip so he immediately knew what to do. He first ran to the giant corn pit! I’d never been in something like this, I was surprised how fun it was! Edie was too nervous of the sinking sensation so she was just an observer with Jared.




Henry wanted to be buried of course in corn and Edie was finally talked into jumping in at the end.



Next we wandered through the corn maze. Henry took off fast but Edie and I had a more leisurely stroll. It really did take us a while to find our way out, those things always end up making me nervous by the end!


The PrimaLoft Packaway jacket is such a great lightweight jacket. It’s thin and cuts the wind, which is exactly the kind of layer you want in San Francisco.It comes in lots of colors and is a great layering piece. I find myself searching for my thin jackets every time I’m running out the door.



King of the Haystack!


We did some hay climbing and then went to see the animals. Henry even got to milk a cow!




Next we took the hayride over to the pumpkin patch and potato farm.


Digging up potatoes was so much fun! You just stick your hoe in and out pops potatoes! It became kind of addicting. We ended up taking home a 10 lb bag of fresh potatoes.


Some were huge!


Picking out our pumpkins was the last thing on our list. Edie loved the baby pumpkins (she loves anything baby right now). So we let her pick out a small one.



I picked a large round one and Henry really loved this half green one he’s holding.



One more jump off the hay and then time to head home. It was a fun morning!


We love the fleece-lined camp hoodie from LL Bean. My kids live in theirs in the winter months.

Cute post! Where did you get your Chelsea boots? I’ve been looking for something just like that!

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