• Halloween Family Costumes: Star Wars


    We are coming into my favorite time of the year here on the blog, Halloween! So excited to bring back both our family and couples Halloween costumes.

    First up are the classic characters from Star Wars: Leia, Han Solo and a mini Luke Skywalker. All of the ideas this week can easily be transitioned into a larger family group as well. For this Star Wars theme you could add more Jedi knights, Darth Vader, Storm troopers or even a mini Ewok like Ashley did here last year. This doesn’t have to be for a family either, a group of friends could pull this off too!


    Keep reading to see more details on this family costume…



    For Leia: We chose to go with the the Leia Hoth look rather than the typical Leia look because it’s easier to recreate at home. All you need are white jeans and a white button up, tall boots, a white vest and simply braid your hair on both sides and pin on top of your head.


    For Luke: We used a karate top and belt paired with white skinny pants and neutral shoes. And of course you can’t forget a lightsaber! You can pick these up at Halloween stores or online.



    (pick a picture above)

    For Han Solo: A light colored henley, dark vest, dark jeans and boots. And a blaster pistol!



    What do you think? Do you dress up with your family or friends? What ideas do you have up your sleeve for family costumes this year? Check out our family and couples costumes from years past and stay tuned for lots more easy costume ideas in the next few weeks!

    Big thanks to our family models this year, Aaron, Kayti and little Monroe Oldham. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.



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    3. Anette said… October 8, 2015 8:56 am

      These are just wonderful! Every year before our May the Fourth be with You Party, we have friends who are looking for easy, cool costumes. I will definitely send them to your post.

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    6. Corinne said… September 21, 2015 11:45 am

      This is perfect. My boyfriend and I want to dress as Leia and Han Solo. Great simple way to do it!

    7. Paige said… September 21, 2015 10:12 am

      This is awesome! My sister-in-law’s family is Star Wars obsessed! I’ll have to pass this idea on to them!


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