Weekend Roundup

beach santa cruz

Happy weekend! We’ve been spending the last few days in Santa Cruz. Our summer is short and busy with work and this is the only trip we have planned so we’re making the most of it. We’re staying right on the beach at a popular surf spot (image above from my instagram). It’s not that warm but the pool is super heated and the beach is quiet and peaceful. It’s a short 5 minute walk to the Boardwalk rides too so that’s where we’ll spend the afternoon and evening. At night we listen to the waves crash from the balcony of our hotel room which feels so special.

Then on Sunday I’m headed to Alt Summit in Salt Lake. Will I see you there? I’ll be speaking about brand partnerships, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what best pieces of advice to share (what would you want to know about?). Here are some links to explore, have a great one!

I’m sharing a little tour of my neighborhood in San Francisco on Hither and Thither this week

Happy National Donut Day! Quick history of our favorite treat and maybe you’d like to try your hand at the best homemade varieties?

Was just reminded of this fun DIY fort we made last year that’s on our summer bucket list

My sister was photographed by the Sartorialist in NYC, still waiting to see if it ends up on his site! Eek!

35 yummy summer pie recipes (I LOVE summer pies)

A moving post about grief

What to read this summer (great list!)

Lots of cute summer dresses under $30

The difference between living in New York and living in San Francisco. This made me laugh, thanks Joanna!

Perfect summer sneaker (my choice be navy, as always)

Being a little bit of everything

Gorgeous textiles in this shop (the indigo pillows!)

Do you still use a notebook and pen to take notes?

Woah. This lace dress from Asos would be lovely for a summer wedding

Perfect laptop bag (and only $19.90)


I’m super excited you are attending Alt, Liz! Your roundtable is on the top of my list. My husband and I are launching a new brand as soon as I return from Alt, so I’ve been thinking a lot about partnerships and wondering how to approach other more established brands/blogs given that we are brand new! I’m hoping your roundtable will still be relevant to me as a small business (and not necessarily a blog)!

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