How to Wrap a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers (and a secret freshness trick!)

how to wrap a bouquet

So you’re heading to a dinner and want to bring a fresh bouquet of flowers you picked up at the farmers market yesterday. They’ve been sitting in water at your home but by the time you run all your other errands on the way to dinner, the flowers have wilted in the front seat of your car (!!). I’m going to show you today a great way to not only wrap your bouquet, but also keep them well hydrated with a secret freshness trick so you can show up with something happy at your dinner party.

how to wrap fresh flowers

Keep reading to see the step by step process…


Step 1: Cut a square of brown kraft paper in a square about 2 feet by 2 feet long and place diagonally on the table.

Step 2: Take a small rectangle piece of paper towel and get it slightly damp under the faucet. Place it in the middle of a small rectangle of plastic wrap towards the pointy edge of the kraft paper. You want the paper towel to be smaller than the plastic wrap. The wrap is keeping the paper towel wet and also protecting it from wetting the kraft paper.


Step 3: Place the bouquet on top of the rectangle of plastic wrap/damp towel and wrap the bottom of the stems with it tightly. We first brought up the bottom and then wrapped the sides.


Step 4: Once the secret freshness piece is complete you can wrap the kraft paper on top. First take the bottom right corner and roll it over once or twice, depending on how large your bouquet it.


Step 5: Wrap the left side of the kraft paper over the bouquet, then the bottom section, then end with the right section in that order.


Step 6: Take a piece of twine and tie it around to finish off your wrapped (fresh) bouquet. how to wrap a bouquet

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sarah Iveson


Great tip and such pretty images. I remember my mom doing this when I was little, and I would take fresh flowers to my teacher from our yard.

Great tip. Will beat to good use this Easter.Wanted to ask the source for the white top. Such a pretty blouse

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