Easter Bark

Easter Bark

Ooooh guys I have such an indulgent Easter treat for you today: Easter bark made with white chocolate, marshmallow and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Fancy looking but so simple to make! Any excuse to buy another bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, right? These would make a great Easter hostess gift, favors for a gathering, or packaged up and left in baskets Easter morning.

Easter candy bark

Keep reading to see how we made it…

Supplies:  2 blocks of white chocolate, 2 cans of Marshmallow fluff, 1 bag of Mini Cadbury Eggs

Easter candy bark

Step 1: Cut up a block of white chocolate. The white chocolate chips won’t melt well, so I’d recommend the block (you can buy it at Whole Foods usually or other specialty stores).

Step 2: Melt over a double boiler and add a couple drops of red food coloring. Mix well.

Step 3: Spread onto a thin layer on a cookie sheet covered with parchment and freeze.

Easter candy bark

Step 4: Melt Marshmallow Fluff in a bowl and spread on top of the melted chocolate. Freeze this marshmallow layer.

easter candy bark

Step 5: While the marshmallow layer is in the freeze, chop and melt another block of white chocolate.

Step 6: Spread over marshmallow layers and sprinkle 1/2 bag of rough chopped Mini Cadbury Eggs. Refrigerate to harden, then you can store them in tupperware

Easter candy bark

 Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


How did you know I was the one buying all those bags of mini eggs? And yes, I do need an excuse to make something lovely with them, rather than continue to just devour entire bags. Thank yoiu!

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