DIY Easter Foliage Eggs

DIY Easter foliage eggs

I was going through my archives and found this rose petal tray project that I loved and thought it might be fun to use foliage in a similar way for making simple Easter eggs. I love the nod to spring blossoms and bright green foliage on these eggs. Nothing more Easter-y than that! Keep reading to see how we made these in just 10 minutes with no special supplies…

DIY Easter foliage eggs

Supplies: watered down craft glue (or Modge Podge if you have it handy), foliage and blossoms, hard boiled eggs, paint brush

DIY Easter foliage eggs

Cover in glue the general area you want to place the foliage. Gently place it on top and then add more glue on top. Stems tend to be tricky so we often cut them off if they didn’t want to stay put.

That’s all! Let it try completely and display, and then crack open after Easter for egg and cobb salad.

DIY Easter foliage eggs


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Have you tried blowing out the eggs and decorating the shells for a more permanent display, like in a little basket or large glass container? (Perhaps it would be necessary to press the leaves and petals in a book and let them dry out a little.) Interesting concept. I might give it a try.

so pretty, and with the right foliage I could even use this to decorate the two dozen brown eggs I have in the house! Thank you!

I’m so excited to try this!! My nephew and I (we’re both the crafty ones in the family) have decorated Easter eggs together every year for the past 8 or so years, and we’re always looking for new ideas. Our eggs are hollow and filled with confetti 🙂 then we have a big hunt that leads into a confetti egg fight in the backyard!

Love these! How do the flowers hold up—do they turn brown or crumbly? I’d like to decorate eggs in advance, if the plants will still look pretty by Easter! Should I press/dry the plants beforehand?

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