Weekend Roundup


Up to anything fun this weekend? We are headed up to some hot springs in Sonoma with a few families tomorrow. There are pools and a big lawn and bbq pits. Edie and I are going to sit and chill in the warm water watching Henry practice his canon balls. A great way to say farewell to summer, don’t you think? Things have been busy around here. The fall is always an invigorating and exciting time for lifestyle sites, so much planning and projects in the works. Stay tuned! I’m excited to share them with you. Have a great one! Here are some links to explore:

Perfect transition to fall cozy sweater

What is it about Hats + Braids?  (image above) PS do you have a favorite hat?

Chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies (yum!)

Sailboats and cactus tees + shorts sets for kids

Our favorite hippo night light is now on amazon

Pretty star print napkins

How to make your kids smarter, according to science

Making your own giant art frames

And I thought I was sick of striped dresses

Why it’s so hard to remember names (and what to do about it)

The most gorgeous patterns

Maternity style at it’s best

Yummy greek chicken souvlaki recipe (with fries inside!)

One bazillion free back to school printables to look through

This awesome dresser makeover floored me!



Ehi Liz, I heard about the earthquake, how are you doing there? I hope everything is fine.
Have a nice time in Sonoma.

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