Fishy Valentine

By craft contributor Caitlin

fishyvalentineI have three little brothers and it’s always hard to think of something that I could make for them as a valentine. But this year I may have found the perfect valentine’s day gift! (Plus, I already know they’re big fans since they already had to model one for this post!) You get some candy plus a little toy to play with once the sweets are gone!Keep reading to see how to make it…

What you need:
Mini Wooden Spool
-Extra Strength, Quick Dry Super Glue
-String/Baker’s Twine
-Clear Bag
-Swedish Fish
-Cardstock Tag

How to make it:
-Break your stick down to a workable size for the child you are making the valentine for.

-Super glue your spool to the side of the stick.
-Wrap some twine around the end of the stick to make a “handle.” Use a dab of super glue to secure the ends of the string to the stick.
-Use a dab of super glue to attach baker’s twine to the spool and begin to wrap twine around the spool.
-Once the spool is wrapped, stretch your twine along the stick to the front of the pole. You can use a dab of super glue at a couple of spots along the side of the stick and then at the very end to keep your string in place. Leave some baker’s twine hanging down in the front.
-Put some Swedish Fish in a small bag and write “Will you o’fishally be my Valentine?” on the cardstock tag. Use an embroidery needle to pull baker’s twine through the tag and the bag and tie them in place.

Making a few for your little Valentines will take just a few minutes and they’ll love you for it!fishy valentine


So cute!

We’ve used swedish fish for valentines for a couple of years now and we say (if you are looking for another fish phrase to add to your arsenal) “I have a fishy feeling about you.” One of many I am sure!

These are so cute and I know that all 3 would like this… but, I’m saving this up to completely surprise the kids for the “Premiere avril” — 1st of April or April Fools Day. Although in Sweden, our kids go to a French school where I’ve learned that the 1st of April means “taping paper fish” on one another’s back or making “fish jokes” …. it’s grown on me and with the idea, I’m thinking, won’t our kids be surprised if Mommy surprises them with a gift like this. Thanks for the adorable styling and cute idea!

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