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    This maternity leave guest post is by Sharon of NYC Taught Me.


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    When I first moved to Manhattan, Liz took me to the American Museum of Natural History for the first time. As we walked through the halls, I remember telling her, “So there’s a lot of taxidermy and dioramas. Sort of boring, no?” She laughed and briefly started pointing out the details, the composition, and the history of the dioramas. The dioramas suddenly started to look like art. Some of them, I learned, have been around since the 1930’s! That’s all I had to hear. From then on, I saw the museum with new eyes.


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    I’ve been going consistently for three years now, and while some of the museum’s halls are changing and being updated with the latest technology, it’s the dioramas I keep coming back to see. They have become a source of comfort for me. I like that I can depend on seeing my favorites each time I go. The Squid and the Whaleand the Water Holeare incredible and should not be missed.

    Keep reading to see where to get yummy hot chocolate nearby…

     SYTH Macy's Inflation 4

    And today, on Thanksgiving Eve, the museum’s area is buzzing with excitement for other reasons. Every year, Macy’s Giant Balloon Inflation takes over the streets surrounding the museum. From 3pm to 10pm, spectators watch the balloons get blown up for upcoming parade the next day.

    SYTH Macy's Inflation 1

    It’s crowded, it’s crazy, but a must-see if you’re lucky enough to be in the area this time of year. Enter on 79th and Columbus Avenue.  

     SYTH City Bakery 2 Hot Chocolate

    Afterwards, escape the crowds and walk a few blocks north to Birdbath, a neighborhood favorite bakery from the legendary City Bakery family. The Upper West Side of Manhattan is lucky to be graced with the bakery’s pretzel croissants and famous hot chocolate.

    SYTH City Bakery 9 Pretzal C

    The two complement each other perfectly. Dipping the croissant into the thick hot chocolate is heaven. A trip to NYC is not complete without this combo.

     SYTH City Bakery 5 Outside

    If you’d like recreate this Sites and Bites adventure, here are the addresses

    American Museum of Natural History: Central Park West at 79th Street

    (Tip: It’s pay as you wish!)

    Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery: 518 Columbus Ave, on the corner of 86th Street

    All pictures taken by Sharon of NYC Taught Me unless noted.

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    1. lauren said… November 27, 2013 2:00 pm

      One of my favorite spots in nyc, love it!

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