My 2nd Trimester Uniform


I’m in my second trimester now of pregnancy right now at 22 weeks. Most of my clothes, most definitely pants, don’t fit anymore (although, one of my projects this week now that we’re home from North Carolina is to try this trick on an existing pair of pants). It’s funny, I always assumed because over-sized is in style right now that I would be pretty set when it came to tops, but let me tell you, friends: Throw an over-sized sweater on my pregnant frame and it immediately adds an additional 20 lbs (on top of the 25 I’ve already gained), plus it billows and tents at the bottom instead of hanging straight. So, I’ve been actually been drawn to more fitted pieces which kind of surprised me.

There’s been one piece I bought recently that I’ve been wearing constantly and has ended up being way more versatile than I thought….

Photography by Tiffany of House of Tong, assisted by Ashley Aikele

…A tube dress! I bought mine from H&M for $17 (not maternity) and available in a bunch of different colors, but here are some online options here (this one is maternity) and here. I love how comfortable it is. Way more comfortable than jeans. Even maternity jeans start sagging (I’m considering buying a pair of suspenders, seriously. Would you laugh at me if you saw me sporting a pair?). I bought it in S, M and L because I’m anticipating a long haul through pregnancy with this piece.

Below are a few ways I’ve styled my black tube dress (remember, it’s kind of cold here in the summer too so some of these looks might be more applicable to fall where you live!):


1. Grey maternity leggings (I live in these), high boots or combat boots (love this pair), fitted striped tee, light pink or white leather jacket (mine is $50 from H&M but I have a huge crush on this one, and here’s a budget option for only $20), star scarf (mine is old from J.Crew).

This look above might be my go-to outfit. I think I wear it at least twice a week! Being pregnant is just about as feminine as you can get so I’ve been shying away from lace, empire waists, and floral prints to avoid feeling like a giant doll cabbage patch doll.


2. Black maternity leggings, high top converse, fitted sweater, black vest (both of these from previous season J.Crew)

If I wear the first outfit twice a week than I wear this outfit at least twice as week as well. Which means, if you were to run into me, chances are I’ll be in one of these two outfits. So don’t be too surprised if you see pizza stains from the day before lingering on it somewhere.

3. Knotted chambray shirt (similar), red bensimon sneakers. Styled with a straw hat and striped bag (this bag is DIY- my instructions here).

If it gets warm here,  this is what my outfit looks like. If it gets really real-summery warm I swap out a knotted tee for the knotted chambray shirt and head straight to the beach with everyone else in the city.


4.  Polka dot tights from Forever21 (similar), pink leather jacket from H&M, Sam Edelman boots, vintage brown leather belt, vintage gold chains.


Proof that you can dress up that cheap tube skirt! I love what the stylist said who edited our closet a couple weeks ago, that it’s always best to create your own high waist using a belt instead of wearing a high-waisted dress (here’s a good example she helped me put together). It always looks better, and I agree!


Looking great! The tube dress is a stroke of brilliance. I relied heavily on tube skirts for under the bump and longer elastic waist skirts for over the bump. Most maternity jeans are nasty, but have you tried asos? I had this brilliant pair of black maternity skinnies that was so comfy and well fitting that I still wear them several months post partum (even back at pre pregnancy weight). They have a narrow but strong elastic waist band that sits under the bump and doesn’t lose its shape even after near daily use, and subtle elastic panels where the side pockets should be. They are sooooo comfortable!

You look great Liz! Cute layered looks. Love the leggings with boots/high top sneakers

You look so great liz! I love the looks, smart to layer it with leggings. Wish it were cooler here to do that

So funny- I’m also 22 weeks and also bought the same exact dress a few weeks ago. But I haven’t worn it nearly as much because it never occurred to me to layer it over tights and I’m always freezing in this city.
Any recommendations on coats that can fit through pregnancy but can also be cute enough for once the baby is born?

I’ve been wearing a tube skirt a lot, similar to your dress! Do you find it gets short though?

I’m pretty short so I think I’m lucky there. Especially since I’m wearing a medium now so it covers a lot. That’s what nice about leggings though- even if it’s a little shorter the leggings cover up what you might not want to show bare

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