Lace vs Polka Dots

By fashion editor Ashley


Summer is the perfect season to take advantage of all the the fun feminine prints out there. I’ve narrowed this versus down to the two most popular feminine prints this season, lace and polka dots! I’ve realized that my closet is way more full of stripes than either of these prints but if I came across the perfect lace top or dress I’d take it! Which would you choose?

Lace Top | Polka Dot Top


Ooh definitely the polka dots! I think it makes more of a bold statement while looking classy at the same time. Lace is wonderful too but I haven’t found it to make much of a poppy statement as I’d like- I would rather wear it for dressy events than everyday wear.
Bonne journée!
Simply Akshara

I agree polka dots are more of a statement but sometimes I think it’s can be too much, or too bold. Lace, especially done tastefully, can be really timeless I think.

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