• DIY Family Car Game: I Spy


    Our final DIY family car game today! In case you missed the other three this month: 1. tic tac toe,  2. travel bingo, and 3. magnetic patterns.

    This one is an oldie but a goodie- a simple i spy game of small household objects for you to spot in a recycled plastic bottle filled with rice. After I made this game, Henry immediately spent the good part of an hour looking for the objects from the picture you attach to the front. It’s one of those awesome kid time wasters (i.e. perfect for long travel trips).

    Keep reading to see how to make it…


    First, we looked around the house for small objects. Henry loved helping with this part. Coins, pins, little plastic pieces, etc. I spread them out on a sheet of white paper and took a picture of them all with my phone. Then I sent the photo via my phone to the local one hour photo at the pharmacy and picked them up on the way back from running errands later that day.


    I cut the picture out in a circle and then glued it on with spray glue onto the plastic bottle.


    The bottle was filled with rice and the small objects (I used an old parmesan container). I added some glue around the top so the lid wouldn’t open, or little hands wouldn’t be able to open it.




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    4. Chrissy said… June 28, 2013 3:25 pm

      A classic! Great idea to put a picture on it

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