Henry’s Bedroom Project: Inspiration


A while ago I realized Henry’s room was kind of a hodge podge of misfit pieces that weren’t really working well together: a green ikea dresser that was handed down to us almost 8 years ago (way before he was even born and that I ended up decorating his entire nursery around!), a cheap white particle board bookshelf that had a huge gash taken out of the top so I was constantly on stuffed animal re-arrangement patrol to cover it, a craigslist bookshelf that I never got around to painting white and so it always looked out of place, and an old ikea rug that I swear I tried to get rid of over 5 years ago and it somehow ended up in there because I lost the will and storage space to continue trying. So yeah, it was a little lacking. There were things about it that were sweet like his gallery wall, the mini bertoia chairs, and beautiful artwork from my aunt, but in general it was a sad land of misfit toys.

With him starting kindergarten this fall I wanted to redecorate completely and am working with one of my very favorite shops, Land of Nod, to create a room that looked like I actually had put some deliberate thought into it! A place he could grow into a bit (just like those pairs of shoes I buy him that are at least one size too big).  I wanted his room to be imaginative and fun, but full of classic pieces that would transition well into an older kid room. It wasn’t easy with that vision in mind, and I’m still working on some details of it! Above is a little color/pattern inspiration, and a few pieces that I wanted to incorporate. A full room makeover tour coming in a couple weeks!

Links from pieces above:

1. Striped Navy Duvet from Overstock
2. Gray laundry hamper from Land of Nod
3.  Ellipse 6 drawer dresser from Land of Nod (such an amazing piece)
4. Canvas whales poster from Etsy
5. Oh My Emerald Rug from Gypsya
6. White geometric lamp from Land of Nod
7.  Compartment bookshelf from Land of Nod
8. Pouf from Land of Nod
9. Fish pillow from Land of Nod


That dresser is awesome! I thought it was vintage or something, I want one for our bedroom

Love the inspiration board and the idea of mixing navy stripes and emerald green. so pretty!

I have the double size of that hamper, I think it looks great but it does come part easily which is a little annoying. I love that lamp!

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