Wii U Tournament Preparations: Food and Set Up

This past weekend we had a multi-family Wii U tournament playing Nintendo Land and it was such a great time. We’re already planning another event to reclaim the trophy! We’ve never owned a Wii before and I think now it’ll be one of our favorite family activities. Henry especially loved swinging around those swords in Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, a great game for kids his age (he’s almost 5).

I talked about making the flags and over sized trophy last week, and this week I’ll be talking about the food, decorations, and Wii U set up for the big event.

One of the things we made for the little kids were these fruit loop medals above. It was a great busy activity for the little ones who couldn’t play and a yummy thing to eat while cheering on their families.

Tournament food included: mini blue cheese caramelized onion burger sliders, vegetarian chili with all the fixings, popcorn balls three ways (m&m, toffee, peppermint), 7 layer bean dip, assorted cookies and bubbly drinks.

You can see my directions for making the rally flags and trophy on my post from last week.

Keep reading for more details from set up and preparation for the Wii U tournament!


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Wii U Setup:

We were so excited to get the Wii U in the mail they sent us! We all set up our Mii characters and figured out how to use the remotes and control pad. It was super easy to set up and I love having the control pad to play individual games and chasing games with the whole family. I’ll talk more about the games on my next post about the actual event.

Tournament Food:

The biggest hit from the food table were probably these blue cheese caramelized onion burger sliders on onion bagel rolls. I broiled some mini burgers in the oven and added the blue cheese and caramelized onions (just onions cooked on low really slowly) on top. I also added some special sauce (mayo, ketchup, and a touch of bbq sauce). I made little tournament flags to stick on top and left the plain sliders for kids unmarked.

I tried a new recipe for vegetarian black bean chili and it was delicious! For fixings we had green onions, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, and avocados. Also, as you can see below I had labels for all the food on little chalkboard plaques.

Jared also made a delicious 7 layer bean dip that was devoured really quickly as well.

For treats I made three kinds of popcorn balls: m&m, toffee, and peppermint. The basic popcorn ball recipe is right here and I simply prepared them in three different bowls and added m&ms in one, chopped up skor bars in another, and crushed up peppermint sticks in the third. We molded them into balls and let them harden a bit.

I also had some assorted mini cookies from the bakery: macaroon, chocolate macaroon, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin.

Edible Medals (kids craft):

These medals were really easy to prepare and a huge hit with the kids. I hot glued some string onto the back of a chocolate coin and added pieces of masking tape on each end so they’re easy to string on the fruit loops. Henry loved wearing his around and slowly eating his way down to the chocolate coin.

Stay tuned for pictures of the event next week!

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those mini sliders look delish and love the medals idea! great- will have to book mark for our family game night too

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