Wii U Multi Family Game Night

Last weekend we had our multi family game night. We invited 3 other families over for the event. You can read about initial preparations here (over sized trophy, rally flags), and set up/food here (full menu, decoration and edible medals kids activity). We had such a fun time, I thought it turned out great and we’re already planning a re-match. Jared and I were talking after about how it was nice to have a purpose when  inviting people over above just dinner. Having an organized event planned really bumped our usual entertaining up a notch.

Images by Robyn Kessler of Verite Photography


I’d love to share with you some photos about the event and how it all played out…

(And see my last two posts about preparations for the Wii U game night event here and here)



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We made a simple bracket before the event. A team had to win best out of 3 to move onto the next round. I drew it up quickly on a giant roll of kraft paper and hung it on the bookshelf so we could watch teams progress. Every time a team won a game, I’d just make a check mark in one of the circles under their name.

(the bracket image above was taken by myself)

I loved having the families dressed in colors, it made for some nice team spirit, plus those babies looked pretty cute waving the corresponding rally flags.

Our family had a bit of the upper hand since we had been practicing on the Wii U for a couple days, and we quickly found it was better to start off with a practice game first so each person would be confident moving into the competition.

We alternated between 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1, and 2 vs 1 games. The favorite competitive games in Nintendo Land to play as a group were  Mario Chase and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion (kind of scary!). For team games (non competitive) we like Pikmin Adventure and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. Henry loooves swinging around that sword like crazy. It’s a really simple game that little kids can play too. If they can swing, they can play!

We took a break in between competitive games to let the kids + adults play a fun non competitive, team game.

 There were lots of littles around so it was fun to have an activity like the edible medals below for them to work on.

The little kids also had a lot of fun watching as well and some of them could even participate with a little guidance.  Henry for sure can play most games in the Nintendo Land (he’s 5 years old) and his almost 2 1/2 yr old friend enjoyed trying to play as well.

We did not end up with the trophy, but we’re already planning a re-match to reclaim it!

Also, Nintendo is having a huge sweepstakes right now.  Pin pictures from your own Family Game Night  and you can win a Wii U Deluxe set plus $5000 for a family vacation. See more info right here. Exciting! Fingers crossed you win!


I love this Wii tournament idea!

You should check http://www.playbookreading.com. They do video recording for parents or grandparents telling a bedtime story to their children/grandchildren. The little ones can then read their books and see the video (and hear the voice) of their parents/grandparents.

I think they are offering it for free since they just started.

There is nothing like spending real time with the kids but my parents are far away from their grand-kids it’s perfect for them.

I absolutely LOVE your chevron rug! My brother just bought a house and that would be perfect in there!! Where did you find that???

This looks like so much fun! We love family game night with our Wii here too

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