Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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1. I think its high time Santa stopped bringing white tube socks and started bringing gold polka dot tights, don’t you?
2. The Clinique Chubby Stick is my favorite lip balm out there. Its moisturizing and the perfect amount of color. The two I have right now are almost gone so I think I’m going to have to try the Richer Raisin for winter.
3. I would be okay with finding this rock in the bottom of my sock (hint hint).
4. iPhone covers… can one really have too many?
5. H&M and Forever21 are great places to find cheap, fun belts like this one.

6. Lets face it, men never really grow up. In their minds whoopee cushions are one of those timeless pranks. This one may come back to bit you in the butt, literally.
7. Its disappointing that the beautiful great outdoors don’t come equipped with electrical sockets for charging your electronics…. which is why your man will think this solar powered charger is so cool.
8. As good as this beanie is going to look on your man, think of how great its going to look on you when he lets you “borrow” it!
9. Man + fire + portability. What more can I say?
10. The straight razor. For the manliest man of them all.

11. I like this option because its more creative than coloring books and more focused than doodling. The farm animal possibilities are endless!
12. Your kids will be excited to find out that this toy is more than just a wood cube.
13. Rubber band plane. Good for old fashioned father and son bonding.
14. These water flutes turn bath time into music 101. Two birds, one stone.
15. I love these stacking dishes. Perfect for dinner or for a tea party.
16. These pixel dolls bring paper dolls to the twenty first century. Copy the picture and fill in the squares or get creative and make your own doll.
17. I love these monster hand tattoos because its something the whole family can get into. Monster tag anyone?

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