Puffer vs. Parka

By fashion contributor Ashley

Parkas are big this year and I’ve fallen head over heels for these ones from gap, this one from h&m (seen above), and this lovely number by madewell. They have a utilitarian look to them but aren’t confined to the genre. They really can be paired with almost anything!

Puffers are a little more practical if you are going for warmth, but they are also stylish enough that you aren’t sacrificing in the looks department. I’m partial to this because of my long grey puffy coat that I bought last year. It keeps me feeling warm and looking hot. Sometimes puffer coats can look big or bulky, which is why I like the longer ones.

So what will it be? Puffer or Parka?

puffer | parka


If I just had to choose I would have to go with the puffer coat, long length. I feel while it’s certainly not dressy by any means I think it has a wee bit more versatility. Um, I may be partial though because I have a puffer I am currently in love with 🙂

Definitely a parka fan. I’ve never been able to find a puffer that looked good on me. 😛 I have a longer parka and it’s actually warm! I don’t know how I lived without this coat; it’s honestly the best combination of form and function!

I recently moved to NYC and was surprised when the largest coat section in Macy’s had all puffy coats! I thought I would never own one but now everyone is telling me that you can’t live without it here. I agree that the longer ones look a little more sophisticated.

It’s so true. I noticed in UNIQLO in Manhattan they had a whole floor of puffy coats! I’ve also noticed every kid in Manhattan wears a black puffy coat so maybe demand determined that!

I’ve never really felt the love for puffer jackets and I can’t quite pinpoint why…perhaps I’m terrified of looking like the Michelin man! Either way, I prefer to l layer so my pick is the parker.

parka! i wore one to chaperone my son’s outdoor field trip and was mistaken for a student. a middle school student. 🙁 i am almost 40. maybe it’s time to stop shopping in the junior’s section at target. oh, well.

I’ve got the parka and I love it! So comfortable and the pockets have a fleece lining, so nice when it’s cold x

I like them both, but I am a bit partial to the puffer coat. I have never been so appreciative of a coat as I was living in NYC for the winter. What a lifesaver.

I agree – there’s no way I could have survived my years of commuting to NYC if I hadn’t invested in a long puffer coat. Down feathers are my friend.

But now that I don’t have to commute like that? I think I’ll look into a parka…

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