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    Hey guys! Happy November! I’m excited to start a new festive series starting today and spanning over the next two months all focusing on ways to make this holiday season handmade and therefore more personal and budget friendly. We’ll be talking about handmade gifts (like these cute instacards Rachael made below), easy holiday decor, and festive kids crafts. I hope you enjoy it!

    Logo was hand drawn by my sister Becca!

    By craft contributor Rachael

    My favorite part of the holiday season is making my friends and family a lovely handmade gift.

    Handmade gifts have long been a tradition in our house and making cards has been a popular idea throughout the years (have you ever looked back at the cards your made your family when you were little – they can be pretty funny!).

    This year I thought I would combine my addiction to Instagram and the Christmas season into one lovely idea for a gift box full of your treasured Instagram memories – in cards of course.

    The hardest part of this quick and easy DIY is choosing which photos to use!

    Let’s get started with materials…

    To make the cards:

    1. Instagram photos from your feed in Jpeg format (just right click on them on your desktop computer and save as a Jpeg)
    2. Cutting mat
    3. Card stock
    4. Copy paper
    5. Canvas paper
    6. Embroidery needle + thread (or a sewing machine)
    7. Ruler
    8. Rotary cutter

    You’ll also need a gift box, tissue paper and ribbon to place your cards in.

    Step 1: Decide how large you want your cards and then print you Jpegs onto canvas paper.

    Cut around the outside leaving a nice white border.

    You’ll notice I left a longer part of white at the top to make it look like a a Polaroid photo.

    Step 2: Cut out your backing using card stock and an insert which can be used for writing on using the copy paper.

    You don’t have to have the copy paper part, but it does give it a lovely finished look.

    Step 3: Using your needle and thread, or your sewing machine, sew along the top of the cards.

    I left a thread on either side to give it a sweet hand sewn look.

    Once you have sewn along all of the cards you’ll have a collection to bundle up in your gift box.

    I like to write in one card which I place on top of the others in the gift box so that the recipient gets a nice surprise when they open their box.

    If you choose a card with an image that has a particular memory attached to it for the family member or friend receiving them, it makes your gift extra special I promise.

    All that’s left to do is place your cards in tissue paper inside the box and wrap it up with some cute twine and ribbon.

    Your family and friends will love a box of memories they can share with others as cards the whole year through.


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      Love this idea! Instagram is my “time suck” of choice because it is so lovely. I adore the idea of bringing it all to life.

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      What a fantastic idea, love instagram so would love to make these!

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    8. claire said… November 9, 2012 12:03 am

      always looking for ways to get my pictures off of my phone! love this idea!

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      So sweet. love this.

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    11. Stephanie @ henry happened said… November 6, 2012 6:24 pm

      What a great way to share all those fun Instagram photos – love this!

    12. Carla said… November 6, 2012 11:57 am

      This is such a cute idea, I love it! I hate to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving but when you want to give handmade, it takes a little more planning! I can’t wait to start making these,

    13. natalie @ The SoHo said… November 6, 2012 8:46 am

      These look great and it’s nice to see Instagrams in non-phone form!

    14. Andrea said… November 6, 2012 8:18 am

      Such a great idea! I love it! I’m obsessed with instagram too so I’m definitely going to have to incorporate it!

    15. sarah said… November 6, 2012 5:50 am

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