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Hi guys! It’s been a couple weeks with my vacation but I’m back with another Sites and Bites today in the Sunset District, right by Ocean beach. Most people don’t venture out here since it’s a bit out of the way from downtown but there are lots of wonderful spots popping up recently making it a true up and coming neighborhood in the city. Today we’re visiting a beautiful curated store called General Store and a really hot restaurant a couple doors down called Outerlands.

Also, if you’re local I’m looking for a few San Francisco guest contributors to my Sites and Bites series. Email me with a few examples of your photography and a bit about yourself, what area of the city you live/work and what kinds of places you’re drawn to to

General Store has been open for a couple years but they have a wonderful reputation in the city for handcrafted and rustic style home, garden, clothing, jewelery, and books. I wanted to hold and caress everything in the store and then transport it all to a cabin in the Redwoods. They support local artists and have a well curated collection of clothing as well, including vintage Levi’s, gorgeous handmade ponchos, and a fantastic selection prairie boots (below).

The outdoor space and greenhouse is really beautiful as well and not to be missed (more photos after the jump!)

Three doors down from General Store is the restaurant Outerlands– one of the hottest spots for a delicious meal in the Sunset district (maybe the hottest spot when you consider the decently long wait we had on a Wednesday lunch!). But I have to say it was really worth it. The seasonal menu was really incredible: the very best warm potato soap, crunchy grilled cheese and my personal favorite-melon and tomato salad with almonds. So delicious! We’ve tried to go there for dinner a couple times but were deterred by the long wait- have you been, what would you recommend?

Keep reading for more pictures and a map!


Lived right at 48th and Judah for 3 years and miss these neighborhood spots all the time! Here are two more great spots right in that neck of the woods:

Cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee (I couldn’t tell you how the coffee is, but grab some coconut milk that they serve to you in the coconut)!

Other Avenues (sort of kitty-corner from Outerlands) is an awesome little market that has everything from fresh, organic produce and a great selection of local cheeses, to dish soap in bulk and adorable kitchenwares.

That grilled cheese and potato salad looks like the perfect fall lunch (or dinner). This restaurant and store both look so charming. If I’m ever in SF (one day I hope!) I’ll definitely check it out.

mmmm theses pictures are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! i’d love to go, if only I lived in the US 😉

I love discovering new places in SF. We live in the Lake District but have found myself venturing out towards the ocean more frequently and there are so many wonderful little nooks waiting to be discovered. Thanks for the introduction to these two special spots – I will have to check them out.

The best thing to do for dinner is to show up ~30 minutes before they open. They will already have the wait list outside for you to sign up on. Then go tour the neighborhood (or hang out nearby) and show back up about 5 minutes til so you don’t miss them calling your name! I’ve done this each time I go and it tends to work out well. Good luck!

That looks like such a cool store and amazing looking salad. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in town!

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