• Look for Less

    By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

    I love this look for its simplicity and ease. But what Madewell exceeds at is adding interesting details, like the leopard belt, cord pants, and black and white loafers. With basic pieces like the jean jacket and t-shirt you have in your closet this look becomes even MORE affordable… justifying spending more on statement pieces (i.e. shoes and accessories).

    Madewell look | belt | glasses | jacket | pants | shirt | shoes


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    1. THE STEL STYLE said… August 3, 2012 1:17 am

      I like this outfit!! I like the colors and the price is good!!!

    2. Wendy Ballsterw said… August 2, 2012 9:56 pm

      I really like those brown pants too. Just bought a pair for my daughter but I think I might need to get one for me as well

    3. Gina said… August 2, 2012 5:11 pm

      Thank you! I might just wear this tomorrow!


    4. Heather Mills said… August 2, 2012 3:48 pm

      Those brown pants are pretty darn cute. And the look so great with the jean jacket!

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