Happy Tuesday! We’re just getting back from a camping trip in Kings Canyon so I’m a bit sluggish getting going this morning as our house is covered in camping gear and zero food in the fridge! Above we were breaking camp yesterday morning with a pretty beautiful view of the high Sierras (which includes the highest mountain in the continental US, Mt Whitney at 14,400 feet). I was thinking of all your camping questions this trip so stay tuned for another post on the subject soon!


I just got back from a trip to Sequioa with my family. It’s quite beautiful out there, but we are also left with an empty fridge, dirty laundry and camping stuff to unpack. Camping is great, but so much work!

Sounds like a dream! We want to do more camping with our 2 year old and are looking to upgrade our 20 year old tent to something light but great for our family of 3 (with room to grow to 4 if that happens. Do you have any recommendations?

@Jams we use this:
it’s great for summer camping because it’s all mesh on top, but it’s got a solid rain-fly so you stay dry if it rains. this tent is a little on the heavy side, but we mostly use it for car camping so weight isn’t an issue.
these springbar tents are super heavy-duty and are great for longer-term camps etc(think burningman, deer hunting for a week, etc).

a basic rule of thumb w/camping gear: if you’re gonna use it for backpacking, go with light/compact gear. if you’re gonna car-camp then get comfortable gear.

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