Dirty Dancing Movie Night

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Who doesn’t have fond memories watching Dirty Dancing growing up? It’s a classic from the 80s and the perfect throwback to plan a fun girls movie night around, especially with 80s fashion being so hot right now. I first asked my talented fashion contributor, Ashley, to help put together some ideas on what to wear:

1. Shirt | 2. Shorts | 3. Shirt | 4. Leggings

Here are four outfit ideas, inspired by Dirty Dancing: Signature Baby, Dirty Dancing outfit, Time of Your Life outfit, and Camp Life.

5. Dress | 6. T-shirt | 7. Shorts | 8. Belt | 9. Shoes

What would you wear? After watching the movie again last week (it’s been a while!) I had a super huge crush on Baby’s wardrobe of high-waisted pants (and Patrick Swayze of course). I remember in the 90s thinking she dressed ‘sooo 80s’ (cue rolling eyes), and now I love it! Funny how fashion has come back full circle.

(Graphics above by Ashley of The Daily Bucket  for Say Yes to Hoboken)

Keep reading to see ideas on what to serve and a downloadable trivia sheet!

Here are a few yummy watermelon themed treats:
Watermelon Lime Spritzer
Watermelon Pie
Watermelon, Feta and Arugula Salad with Balsamic Glaze
Chilled Watermelon Soup

(top watermelon image)

And download this trivia sheet here to quiz your guests after the movie!


Super hot! I think I could answer all these questions, even without watching the movie in a few years. I have almost the whole thing memorized I loved it that much!

I don’t know how many times my friends and I watched Dirty Dancing in grade school, but it was an impressive number. I think every sleepover for a straight year (and that’s when we weren’t listening to the soundtrack.) I never really thought about Baby’s style, but this wardrobe is great!

I love this! Mom my forbid me from seeing this movie when I was a girl… but then I snuck a screening at a friends house. However the guilt overwhelmed me and I confessed!

So I see that all the outfits have numbers, but no links? I’m loving the long denim cut-off’s…do you have a source?


Oh my god Patrick Swayze! I need to see that movie again. Great ideas here

The camp look is so cute! Love that heart tee and high waisted jean shorts! I need to go watch it now…

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