Sister Style: October

What’s on Becca’s agenda this week: Nervously awaiting LSAT score results, applying for a year-long Arabic program in Qatar, writing a new song on the banjo, pulling together pieces for a Chiquita Banana Halloween costume, getting ready for a family trip to Hawaii

What’s on Celeste’s agenda this week: Eating rotisserie chicken and southern Indian food with me (yeah!!) in San Francisco, attending a fellow midwife’s wedding in Berkeley, salsa dancing, working on Gigi’s pilot Halloween costume

On my agenda this week: Returning from my New York trip, picking up some black felt to make a bat Halloween costume for Henry, testing out some new homemade donuts for a Halloween party, starting to think about my Alt Summit presentation, testing out my new geeky glasses

What’s on Katrina’s agenda this week: playing a show with her new punk band, Baby Ghosts, in which she sings and plays bass guitar, putting some finishing touches on her costume as Haruko, going to a haunted house as an assignment for her Humanities and Popular Culture class, taking head shots of her roommates

Katrina and Becca’s photos were taken the talented photographer Ashley Thalman based out of the Utah area who specializes in family and wedding photography. Check out her site and blog for booking info.

(Something fun: Sister Style was just featured by TLC!)


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You are such a put together family, but I simply love Becca's rust colored sweater with the ruffles!

Ooh, I really love your blazer/blue shirt/glasses look. Sister style is so fun. My twin sister and I have a blog where we share our daily outfits with each other. I live several states away from her (which is awful!), so it's really fun to see what she's wearing.

love celeste's pleated pants and your red ones look familiar 🙂

Oooh I love Celeste's shirt and Katrina's shoes – cute feature!- Lindsay

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