I love the Halloween costumes, well exactly not what I WEAR if not to see girls wearing hot and short costumes.

I'm going as a gothic rag doll. I love Halloween, so for me, picking one costume is OMG SO DIFFICULT. So I waited and waited and finally this idea hit me. Ready?A black velvet dress I already ownBlack boots that I, again, already ownStriped arm warmers from Spirit HalloweenStriped tights from Spirit HalloweenMake-Up (oh lord do I already own)and TA-DA! Gothic rag doll! I also MAY may make a rag wig. We'll see…

We know what we're going to be (Goldilocks and the 3 Bears), but our costumes are still in pieces. Here's to staying up late with the sewing machine this weekend!

hey Liz, your links are taking us back to your sister style post.:)

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