How To Tie a Summer Turban: Two Ways

Turbans are super hot lately. They’re perfect for bad hair days and stay in pretty well even in my super fine one bobby pin hair. I’ve been experimenting with a few styles lately. Would you like to see how I tie two of my favorites?

 Type One: Moroccan “Hipster” Turban

Wrap scarf around head from back to front.
Twist twice on top.
Pull ends around to the back. Tie knot.
(thanks to Maggie for showing me!)

 You can wear it over your ears or behind. Hair down or up. I won’t judge you based on which you choose. Just make sure your lipstick is red.

Type 2: Cape Cod “Preppy” Turban

Wrap scarf around head from front to back.
Cross once and bring back both ends to the top.
Tie knot on top and tuck in ends.

Would you wear either of these styles this summer? I’ve been loving both lately.


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