• DIY: Spring Flower Pin

    Happy first day of spring! Does it feel like spring yet? It’s been rainy here a lot lately but I hope it lets up soon, we are getting quite stir crazy. There’s only so much diego one can take without wanting to rip your hair out {almost this annoying}

    I’ve been experimenting with flower pins lately which are the perfect accessory for a blazer or spring dress and am sharing a tutorial on making this flower pin over at Momtastic today. Are you doing anything fun to usher in spring?


    1. Joanna said… April 14, 2011 7:28 pm

      Hi there! I love this idea…it's so darling…and I was hoping that you might add it to my Easter and Spring Linking Party to share with my readers. If you are interested, you can go here http://bakedbyjoanna.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-linking-party.html to enter. Thanks!

    2. domestikated said… March 23, 2011 11:36 am

      This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    3. Barbie (Birds of a Lovely Feather) said… March 22, 2011 2:48 pm

      Very pretty. Would make a great gift

    4. Cassie said… March 22, 2011 10:43 am

      So lovely!

    5. Tricia said… March 22, 2011 9:10 am

      gorgeous, love it!

    6. Elizabeth Mullen said… March 21, 2011 7:55 pm

      so inspiring, love the spring colors

    7. caitlin merker said… March 21, 2011 7:55 pm

      super gorgeous liz!

    8. Jocelyn said… March 21, 2011 7:40 pm

      Yes! I made up my own flowers to put on some shirts and am just working on trying a couple more designs! Don't you just love flowers? :)Playing It Cooley – Flower Shirt Tutorial

    9. la petite coquine said… March 21, 2011 6:59 pm

      The rain is certainly starting to get to me, but thank goodness for a little sunshine today and lovely spring flowers, like this one!

    10. Chris Tani and Princess Brielle said… March 21, 2011 6:47 pm

      Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I will be making two! One for me and one for my girly.

    11. Ainsley said… March 21, 2011 4:47 pm

      thats so cute! looks so j.crew-ish!

    12. Sarah Williamson said… March 21, 2011 12:32 pm

      such a cute diy project! i'll definitely have to make this.www.sarahplanet.com

    13. Sarah said… March 21, 2011 12:14 pm

      Love this! Such pretty color combos too. Your blog is so fun to read! I'm all about making flower pins and clips. I've really been enjoying working with felt and combining it with regular fabric. Fun textures =)Thanks for sharing- Sarahhttp://agirlintransit.blogspot.com/

    14. Andrea @ http://strawberry-chic.blogspot.com/ said… March 21, 2011 11:45 am

      Super fun and whimsical! Thanks for sharing!

    15. Liz Stanley said… March 21, 2011 11:25 am

      melanie, i had a hard time too until i tried this technique. curious if it works for you as well!

    16. Melanie said… March 21, 2011 9:56 am

      I've tried to make one of these before and it was a super project fail. I'll have to try your tutorial out to see if I am granted better luck.

    17. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said… March 21, 2011 9:40 am

      Very cute! Plus it seems pretty easy to make.

    18. Erica Moore said… March 21, 2011 9:35 am

      so adorable! i've seen lots of tutorials for flower pins but this one is really super cute. thanks!

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