More No-Jeans Inspiration


Update: Still on target for my no-jeans for two weeks goal. But I’m losing sleep over a crucial question: do jeggings count as jeans or leggings? I’m so confused.

Downside: I have been spending more time in my unflattering tan cords which I want to take a moment to apologize publicly for

But I’ve also put together some really cute skirts and tops. Been meaning to take some snapshots for your approval

(pinterest) Proof you can dress warm in leggings. She looks so comfy.

(sartorialist) Can’t wait for spring 🙂


Liz, jeggings = leggings! I don't think you're cheating because they automatically make you wear something a little more fun up top. Love this idea. I'm living in Adams jeans right now – until they don't fit me anymore…

Ohhh I am so lusting after all these pictures and so inspired to have a no jeans week next week. I wear jeggins to work so no, they don't count as jeans, so long as you style them up I think.Blue Skies,Charlotte xo

I am LOVING your goal to not wear jeans for 2 weeks… I would wear a dress or skirt every day if I could. There is something completely elegant and beautiful about a woman wearing a dress/skirt… totally a lost art!

I love your ensemble inspirations. (Especially the one with the purple circle scarf, grey sweater, and black leggings!) I will definitely be trying to recreate that look.

You guys are right. I put on jeggings the other day and it just felt like cheating. So i took them off (aren't you proud??)

I think it all comes down to the back pockets. Jeggings with proper back pockets and fly count as jeans. Jeggings without back pockets or fly count as leggings. Love this idea, keep it up! I think I'll try it too :)PS on a totally random note – my Captcha is "brafell" *snickers*

You totally inspired me with this – I am now on day 6 of no jeans (and no trousers – skirts and dresses only) and it's going great! It really makes me think more about what I put on in the morning rather than just throwing on any old thing…

gosh, i dream of the place where i can call a jean jacket & scarf "dressing warm"! around these parts, nothing short of animal skins can fit into that category. thanks for the inspiration!

I love days with No jeans. It makes me feel so much more glam! I'm big into minnie skirts with thick tights and boots!

…just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your no-jeans series. It is helpful to have example photos and I can't wait to see what you have put together as well. Thank you!

mel, jeggings are this new ridiculous idea that jeans can be so tight they are most like leggings than jeans.

I love all these styles and they have inspired me to keep working out so I can fit in my skinny pants or leggings and flats once again.

You're funny. I don't even know what jeggings are . . . . . sorry. Love the skirts, and I love the idea of not wearing jeans and paying more attention to what I wear. Maybe when it's warmer (here in rural idaho) I'll give it a go. I do love my jeans though.

snapshots, yes — the rest of us need inspiration if we're going to try and pull this off! Also, I cannot recommend legwarmers enough. I am having a big moment with them lately. So, so cozy for this chilly city.

Winter has lost its appeal. I feel like is so much more difficult to dress cute, aaaand to avoid the jeans! (I kind of think jeggings count as jean, sorry!) But this coming from the woman who has worn jeans for probably a week straight now. 🙂

I love the layered leggings look. I need to find some legwarmers. And I think jeggings are kind of like jeans….now if you were gonna wear Pajama Jeans maybe it could slide LOL

I'm completely in love with the caramel-colored Madewell skirt. So beautiful!

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