• Circus Photos

    I found this photographer, Karin Nussbaumer, and her work through this pretty french blog and am totally captivated by these circus photos. Aren’t they brilliant?Doing anything fun this weekend? If you’re in the bay area you should come check out Paul Ferney’s work at the opening reception. Will I see you there? Hope you have a good one!

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Stools

    How clever are these jigsaw puzzle stools from VivaTerra? I love the flexibility of them fitting together for a coffee table or apart for individual stools/foot rests.

    {seen via Elegance Redefined}

  • Made By Joel

    I stumbled upon this blog, Made By Joel the other day. It’s written by a stay a home dad/artist who documents on the blog craft projects he does with his two adorable kids. Here are a couple of the ingenious projects I found while scrolling through the blog:Zoo Blanket
    Wooden trucks that fit into a little Altoids box
    Paper finger puppets
    Modern doll house furniture made from knickknacks around the house

    Fabric trumpet

    What a sweet stay at home dad, right?
    PS Is it sexist that I’m super impressed?

  • NEW in Baby Hank Vintage

    Lots of lovely new items just posted in my Baby Hank Vintage shop

    PS I ship on Fridays so if you get your order in today it’ll get to you super speedy!

  • Lemon Candles

    It’s been raining here for two weeks straight. These Lemon candles posted on Mus seem like the perfect way to cheer up an otherwise gloomy season. Found some instructions here to make your own.

  • DIY: Chevon Designed Console

    Instructions at Sunset Magazine here to modernize a console with the popular chevron zigzag pattern. Start by downloading the chevron pattern here.
    Can you tell by my header this is totally on my to do list? Maybe start with some great thrifted piece, shiny new hardware and paint…

  • Alt Recap

    Photographer: Brooke Dennis

    Alt was so much fun and incredibly inspiring. I’m still on the alt high and trying to process all I learned. Also, still giggling about Dooce’s opening line “I hope you are all enjoying your complimentary sister-wife you received at the airport”. Oh yes, yes I am.

    These photos above are from the opening social party. It was Old Hollywood themed and super glam complete with cigarette girls. I really think there should be cigarette girls at every party.

    Above are the business cards I printed out at the last minute for Alt.

    Below are some of my favorite bits of advice from the conference. Apologies if I’m citing them incorrectly, they’re from my notes:

    Apartment Therapy started after 9/11 as Maxwell went around Manhattan helping people fix their homes- all came from a sense of providing a service to its readers. People come to blogs to learn.

    Jonathan Adler says the secret to success is panic! Panic can be a driving force when you have the responsibilities of running your own show- Maxwell, AT

    Martha Stewart is OVER people! No more perfection, be real- Maxwell, AT

    If you don’t want to hear someone’s feedback on something, don’t share it. Also, definitely maintain a PO Box- Dooce

    “People are readers, not users. Only bloggers and drug dealers call people users.” Neil Chase of Federated Media (HA!)

  • Holiday Company Cards

    Kathleen from Twig and Thistle (I met her at Alt and she’s such a sweetheart) created these beautiful cards for the company she works for showcasing the entire staff in New Years 2010 glasses. Isn’t it beautiful? It seems so much more personal when the whole company is staring at you looking kind of silly. Plus it reminds me of Jeff Hein’s artistic style, which I am a huge fan of.

  • Bow Place Setting

    A perfectly cheery place setting spotted on A Life More Fabulous from Martha.

  • Etsy Roundup: Donations to Haiti

    Here’s a roundup of some lovely handmade etsy items whose shop owners are donating 100% of the proceeds to Haiti. Rock on, etsy. Navy blue knit flower headband $17
    Lovely Ladies Print $32
    Rufus Plus Dog $30
    Party Garland $20
    14K Gold One Love Necklace $30
    Haiti Pendant $14
    Moose Tee 2T $21
    Best Friends Print $14.50
    Rainy day Necklace $7.50

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