• Weekend Roundup

    Have a spooky Halloween weekend! Lots of great things seen in the blogosphere this week:

    Homemade paper doll magnets: polyvore on your fridge!
    Last minute invite to a Halloween party? Grab some wire and make pippi longstocking pigtails
    I always love really current costumes: check out this balloon boy one
    Can Don and Betty save their marriage? Expert advice from a marriage therapist
    Meatloaf hand: So creepy!!! Could you eat this?
    Beautiful western wedding details seen at A Little Sussy
    Huge giveaway over at Designmom, over $1000 in goodies from Trifle Shop. Have you entered yet?
    Here’s a hint of what family we’re dressing up for this year: we’ll be using this tutorial and Hank will be in something from here
    Are you registered yet for the Altitude Design Conference? Saturday is the last chance to get the huge discount!

  • Polka Dot Scarf

    I’d love to get my hands on one of these polka dot head scarves before our Hawaii trip next week. And is that a matching bathing suit I spy? You kill me! Maybe I can find something in my fabric scrap box…

  • Holiday Advertising on Say YES

    Have a shop or business that needs some holiday promotion? I have a great readership of mostly woman in their 20s and 30s that love beautiful products and services. I’m offering a special discounted rate for advertising on Say Yes to Hoboken this upcoming holiday season with small businesses in mind. Email me for more information and rates!! lizstan (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Crave Jewelry

    How hot are the charm necklaces over at Crave Jewelry? I have a sly coyote one that I wear all the time, I hardly ever take it off. Simple and small, perfect for everyday outfits. Tons of ones to choose from, all super hip. Everything from animals to lightning bolts to airplanes and skulls. I dare you to try and pick just one you love.

  • Creepy Treats

    Lots of brilliantly creepy Halloween treats seen over at Delish. Why am I not having a Halloween party again? I love this stuff!!

    {via designmom via kirtsy}

  • DIY: Creepy Portraits

    Creepy, spooky portrait
    s with instructions on how to create your own seen over at Country Living. How cool would blown up versions of these be at a Halloween party? I love the dude with the fangs.
    Bonus: You get to use your christmas twinkle lights early without your neighbors passing judgement. BAHA!

  • Tulip Pants

    I’m still really drawn to these tulip pants regardless of the fact that I may never have the guts to actually put them on.

    {seen at Heartthrobs and Villians}

  • NYC Subway

    One of the things that really surprised me about San Francisco was how little people used public transportation here. I was expecting it to be must more like Manhattan in that way, but San Francisco is a driving/biking city mostly. I haven’t really missed it too much until I thought about it from Hank’s perspective and how fun it would be for him to ride the subway everywhere. It would be fun to create something like this three-year-old’s view of the NYC Subway for a kid growing up in Manhattan.

  • Sailing on the Bay

    Had such a great time taking a sailing lesson on the San Francisco Bay this past weekend with Jared and the Ferneys. If you take the whole 4 wknd course, they will let you charter out their boats whenever you’d like. How amazing would that be? We are seriously contemplating taking more lessons, charting a boat and heading down to Mexico for a week or…four or…..Tahiti? Skipper gave us directions: go through the golden gate and take a left. (taking the helm)
  • Sartorialist Fall Inspiration

    Fall clothing has been on the brain with a couple fun projects coming up soon (so stay tuned!). Lots of inspiration seen over at the ever-fabulous Sartorialist. Above are some of my favorites seen the last couple months. Why oh why do I not have the class, sense of style or legs of a European woman?

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