• Heidi Merrick

    Crushing on the summer collection of Heidi Merrick. I love how there’s a belt or tie on almost everything. Those lines and colors sure are pretty to look at.

  • Hello Sponsors: Muntedkohawi Jewelry

    Totally in love with all the elegant vintage-inspired pieces in Muntedkowhai’s etsy shop. Each piece is hand crafted and really unique. Also, make sure you check out the ‘sold items‘ section to see what kinds of beautiful options she makes for custom orders. The prices are really reasonable too. I get tons of compliments every time I wear the piece I have.

  • SALE at Baby Hank Vintage + New Stuff !!

    I’ve got a great 30% OFF SALE happening at my Baby Hank Vintage shop on some great stuff that has been listed for more than two months. Most of the items are now under $10!! Two of my favorites are in this sale section- the white knit skirt and the v-neck cardigan. Great deals, people! Going once..going twice…

    (sale items)

    Also.. just listed lots of REALLY cute NEW stuff!!!

    (new items)
  • Jordan’s Detective Invites

    Jordan’s detective invites posted up on cookie are so clever! She always comes up with the best ideas.

  • Strawberry Country Cake

    Ever since I listened to Julia Child’s book “My Life in France” I’ve been thinking a lot and doing a lot of cooking/baking. Planning, researching, making notes on recipes I have, trying out new ones. It’s been really fun and I plan to continue, so you’ll probably see some more foodie posts on here (is that okay?).

    Made this beautiful cake when we had some friends over Sunday night. I can’t believe 8 adults polished off this entire cake. Do you see how huge is was? It was delicious. It is one of my sister in law, Erin’s, favorite cakes and now it’s one of my favorites. Simple and fresh and a nice presentation. Lemon and orange zest plus sour cream in the batter made all the difference. Ina Garten never fails me. Recipe here.
    notes: Don’t bake it for as long as it says (I only baked it about 35 minutes) and double the strawberries

  • Clothing For Sale

    I’m doing some spring cleaning and selling off some cute clothes and shoes. The prices are listed below, email me if you’re interested at lizstan(at) gmail (dot) com. I can ship for an additional $5, or you can come pick it up.

    Vintage brown heels size 8 $7-SOLD
    Blue and brown suede ankle flats (looove these but they are too small) size 7, $28
    Red Flats (H&M)-unworn, size 8 $7-SOLD
    Gray flats size 8 $15-SOLD

    Green JCrew Jacket, size small, unworn $25
    Grey silky v neck shirt, size M, Arden B, only worn once $20-SOLD
    Grey H&M shirt, barely worn, size 6, $15
    Green blouse, size M, forever 21, $8-SOLD

  • Spring?

    Spring is finally here. This week we’re looking at mid to high 70s and lots of sunshine… maybe a little rain later in the week but I can’t think about that-I’m looking at the glass half-full.
    Planted some peonies last year… wondering if they’ll spring up soon.


  • Pallets Re-Used

    Today is our neighborhood cleanup day where we can leave whatever junk we have out on the curb to be picked up (Sadly, this was something we could do ANY day when we lived back in Hoboken and NY). Looking around at our junk, I’ve been thinking about ways to reuse and recycle.
    Saw this post on Apartment Therapy’s Renest about recycling pallets into some outdoor seating.
    What a fabulous idea especially for a small apartment patio like this one.

  • THE Chairs


    after: I think they deserve their own post, don’t you think? They turned out fantastic. Ended up using white vinyl, which looked exactly like leather and cleans up even easier than leather, plus it was a lot cheaper. If you are looking for someone to do a reupholstering job, the guy I used is our neighbor, Ron Weixler, his company is F Weixler Co.and their number is (801) 534-1014. They are really affordable and do a fantastic job.

  • Dining Room Makeover For $400

    drum roll please…..

    (sorry, it’s slightly warped from combining two pics together)

    more after pics:

    The room is so light, which was exactly what I wanted. It makes SUCH a difference, I love being in there now!

    chairs $140
    reupholstering of chairs including fabric $240 (I know a fantastic and very affordable guy, email me if you’d like his name)
    white bookcase $160
    paint and painting supplies $80
    pendant lamp: $60

    total purchased: $680
    (the red barcelona chair was moved from another room)

    Items Sold:
    Grandma’s chairs $160
    frame $35
    side chair $25
    bookshelves $60
    total sold $280

    total cost: $400!

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