• Friday’s Packaging

    Packaging and shipping everything from my Baby Hank Vintage etsy shop today.
    Here are three weekend jam songs by MGMT for you to rock out to while you do whatever you need to get done this Friday:
    Electric Feel
    Time To Pretend
    (the videos are kind of weird)

    Also, if you haven’t seen this hilarious video yet of Louis CK on Conan, stop everything you’re doing and watch it now.

  • Colorful Kitchen

    I love how colorful and comfortable this kitchen is, seen on Design Sponge. I always fluctuate between wanting modern/white/clean and wanting colorful/comfortable/vintage.
    So, my decorating style tends to be a hodgepodge mix of the two.
    Just love the hanging vintage tea cups too.

  • Baby Hank Vintage

    Oooh I’m super excited to tell you about a new project I’ve been working hard on! I just opened a shop for beautiful vintage infant and toddler clothing on etsy called Baby Hank Vintage.
    It will be updated with new items weekly.
    Make sure you check the shop out!

  • Preparations for Awesomeness

    Today I’m upside down in busy craziness! I have a college admissions consulting meeting today that I’ve been doing lots of prep for and a huge super exciting project that I’m finishing up on for a big announcement tomorrow… so stay tuned!

    {Prettty pic, huh}

  • Camie’s Mobile

    Isn’t Camie’s handmade mobile gorgeous? She cut bird silhouettes out of fabric and used an iron on adhesive to put fabric on the back as well. Then she sewed all around the bird so there wouldn’t be any fraying. The birds were hand sewed in a slightly diagonal line so they would spiral around the embroidery hoop. They were hung with some invisible thread.
    Her blog is really cute too. She’s a total martha.

  • Project: Memory Card Game

    Very cute homemade memory card game made from fabric scraps seen on Inchmark. Baby Hank isn’t quite old enough for this, but I think I might take a stab at it anyway. Weekday nights get monotonous ’round these parts.

  • Happy Friday!

    It’s been gorgeous here the last couple days which has improved my spirits considerably.
    I have a busy weekend with some exciting projects going on and later today I’ll be hitting the slopes for some afternoon skiing with Jared {sans Baby Hank}.


  • Jared’s Eleveners Goal

    Remember Jared’s 2008 goal? It was to climb all 18 peaks above 11,000 feet in the Utah Wasatch Range. The purpose was two fold: to lose weight and get to know the mountains that surround the valley we now call home. He worked his butt off and got very close, summiting 14 of the 18 peaks and feels very satisfied with this accomplishment. It was incredibly difficult. He lost close to 30 lbs and thought he was going to die 2.5 times. No major injuries except some fugly bruised toenails. He plans on climbing the last four this spring after his huge ski touring trip across the Swiss Alps in early April. I’m sooo proud of him :)
    Below are pictures he took from the summit of all 14 peaks.

    1-White Baldy 2-Broads Fork Twin Peaks 3-Sunrise Peak 4-Dromedary Peak 5-Sugarloaf 6-Mt. Baldy 7- American Fork Twin Peaks 8- Baldy 9- Mt. Nebo 10- North Peak-Nebo 11-Box Elder Peak 12-Provo Peak 13-Mt. Superior 14-Timpanogos

  • Project: Making Toddler Crayons

    Winter makes me want-er- need to create something colorful. Do you know how often I think of this rainbow cake? If only I had an occasion to make it soon. Yesterday some friends came over with their kids and we made a bunch of toddler crayons made from small pieces of old crayons. We broke them apart into small pieces and combined them with complimentary colors in a mini cupcake tin. I used paper liners, but I don’t think I needed them and they ended up seeping through anyway. Most instructions (see some here) we saw online said it would only take about 10 minutes at 150 degrees. Well, it took about three times that long at a higher temperature; but they still turned out great.

    I snagged a couple that were particularly pretty and let the kids pick through the rest for their favorites to take home.

    We also made soap crayons for the bath. You mix grated bar soap with a little water and food coloring, then freeze them in an ice cube tray. Still waiting to see how those turn out.
    Any other colorful projects you’ve tried?

  • French Styling

    Ooh! Lots of inspiration for childrens rooms here from french stylist Camille Soulayrol seen on Black Eiffel.
    Obama? Add this to your to do list: Make America more like France

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